Sunday Morning Groups
These groups meet at 9:30am at The Assembly
Adult Bible Study
Led by: Dr. Barbara Ray
High School Bible Study
Led by: Robbie Shaw
Junior Bible Quiz
Led by: Maryeve Boyd
The Bridge Kids
Led by: Benny & Vicki Benson
Tiny Town Kids
Led by: Nora Harmon
Groups During the Week
Lunch on the Move
Led by: The Pastoral Team
Location: Local Restaurants – Tuesdays at 11:30am
Morning Celebration Service
Led by: Pastor Jesse Ray
Tuesday at 10:00am at The Assembly (Omni Room)
Celebrate Recovery
Led by: Ryan and Sarah Rickert
Sunday at 6:00pm at The Assembly Outreach Center (Old Calvary AG Bldg)
College Ultimate Frisbee Group
Led by: Lexus Price
Sundays at 5pm
Mom’s Play Date
Led by: Jessica Motes
Location: The Assembly – Tuesdays at 10am
Traveler’s Gift Study
Led by: Dr. Joe Wilmoth
Location: Mississippi State – Every other Wednesday at 12pm
High School Coffee Group
Led by: Pastor Andy Setiawan
Wednesdays at 4:30pm
A Beautiful Mess (Ladies Study)
Led by: Katie Bostwick
Location: Katie’s House – Thursdays at 6:30pm
Ladies Walking Group
Led by: Lilly Setiawan
Location: Baptist Hospital Track – 7:30am every other Saturday morning
Dinner on the Move
Led by: Lindsey Gurley
Location: Local Restaurants – 6:30 every other Friday evening