At The Assembly we are not a church that does small groups, we are a church of small groups. Our Groups are the heart of our discipleship process as well as the major part of our mission to Experience – Explore – Expand. We have groups that meet in semesters. These include fall, spring, and summer. The fall and spring groups usually last 13 weeks and the summer groups are 6 weeks long. We have 21 days of prayer that lead up to the kickoff of the fall and spring groups. We have groups for everyone – make sure to click the link and check out what we are offering this semester. We believe at The Assembly that life is Better Together and Groups are one of the best ways we develop those friendships.

Kingdom Builders

Here at The Assembly we loves missions. We believe that not only should we send, but we should go. We currently take mission trips each year. We believe that every person who is able should experience oversea missions. We also believe in supporting the boots on the ground. At The Assembly we support over 65 missionaries serving in the Assemblies of God World and Home missions. We continue to increase that number in an effort to see more missionaries on the field. We also support several other missions endeavors including Speed the Light, Light for the Lost, and Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. Together we believe we will have an impact on seeing lives changed around the world.


Get Involved

We believe that anytime you choose to serve someone else in any capacity, it truly honors God. Whether it’s helping someone find a parking spot or greeting a first-time guest, we’re confident you’ll find a place to land. We do not expect one person to do everything, but we encourage every person to do something. Here at The Assembly we want to help you experience God, explore truth, and expand your influence. We believe that every person has something to contribute to the church and in doing so to the Kingdom! Join the A Team and get involved serving at The Assembly today.


Water Baptism

We believe the first thing you should do on your journey to follow Jesus once you receive Him as Savior is to be water baptized. Water Baptism in a public confession of an inner experience.

This is a wonderful time of celebration as people take the next step in following Jesus!