Mission & Values

The Mission

Core Values

Our mission is found in three words: "Experience. Explore. Expand."

We believe everyone should experience the love and mercy of God. Through Jesus, God has shown the world that He not only loves us unconditionally but also desires to have a relationship with us.

We believe everyone should explore truth. In a world where so many different things try to distract us from real truth, we know that can only be found in God’s Word. Through Groups, Bible study, and worship experiences, we desire that each person hears the truth. The Word of God is our foundation and the only thing in the world that does not change.

We believe everyone should expand their influence. We are all different, but we all have a purpose. God has given each of us these abilities to change the world around us. We want to help you strengthen the gifts God has given you as you expand your influence.
Authenticity Matters.
We want to be authentic. This includes our relationship with God and others.

Everyone Belongs.
It is not our church. It is God’s church. In God’s church, there is a place for everyone.

Jesus Centered.
Jesus is central. He is our savior. He is our hope.

Growing Together.
We believe we were made to do things together. We want to grow together. We are better together.

Do More.
We want to be generous with our time, talent, and treasure. We want to always strive to "do more."

Love Without Limits.
We want to show the Love of Christ. His love has no limits–neither should ours.

We're an Assemblies of God church.

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